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Claypole Parish Council
This web site contains information from the proceedings of the Parish Council and other useful content for residents of Claypole Lincolnshire.

The Parish Council meets  on the first Monday of each Month at Claypole Village Hall. The formal meeting at 7pm is preceded by an open public forum at 6 45 pm.

Agenda, policies, minutes and other information is availbale from the documents page on the web site

The Parish Clerk, Mrs Cathy Clarke can be contacted by phone or email. - 01636626663

Members of the Parish Council are:

Chairman  Mr Bob Oakham -
Vice Chairman Mrs Claire Simmonds -

Mrs Sue Frayne -
Mrs Gillian Bignall -
Mrs Jane Taylor -
Mr Trevor Allen
Mr Dean Revill -
Mr Paddy Furey -
Mr Chris Richardson -